Metal Stamping

Wisconsin Metal Parts, Inc. provides metal stamping services to a variety of industries. We run stampings up to .188” thick, but our specialty is high-volume, tight tolerance, precision stampings in a variety of materials from .003”-.060” thick. Our presses have full feed lines and are die sensor protection ready. We run nearly 60 million stampings per year at a 98% on time delivery rate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Stamping

Wisconsin Metal Parts, Inc. has over 30 years’ experience servicing OEM’s across the country, with a reputation for quality, reliability and on-time delivery. To help you find out more about our metal stamping work, here are some commonly asked questions and answers:

What is metal stamping?

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process designed to mass-produce parts at a rate of thousands, even millions while yielding consistent results and quality. By using a series of dies, sheet metal can be shaped, pierced and bent into everything from car parts to furniture components with speed and efficiency.

What production output can metal stamping handle?

When it comes to metal stamping, the only real limits are your budget. This process can be used for manufacturing limited-run prototypes all the way to millions of identical components. Our facilities currently run more than 60 million stampings per year, with a 98% on-time delivery rate.

Does quality decrease with mass production?

Short answer: No. One of the advantages of metal stamping is that you can produce thousands, even millions of identical products with an extremely small margin for error and imperfections. A well built and maintained tool will bring you consistency in the part run. A solid Quality Program will insure only conforming parts are being shipped. Thanks to our in-house tooling, gage and fixture building service, as well as rigorous inspections and data collection, our volume of output will never be at the expense of quality. Whether you need a few prototypes or millions of parts, you can trust that you will receive the same consistently high quality.

What kinds of metal can be used in stamping?

Metal stamping can be done on a wide range of different metals including aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, carbon, stainless steels and other exotic metals. Wisconsin Metal Parts Inc. is capable of working with most metals and has relationships with a wide variety of material suppliers.

Will metal stamping save me money?

After the initial tooling investment, production stamping is usually your most cost-effective solution for volume part runs. Our tools and presses are equipped with sensors that allow tooling to run minimally attended while still delivering on quality.

How customizable is your metal stamping service?

Every job is different from the last. Our expert team of experienced engineers, designers and tool makers will work with you throughout the manufacturing process to help make sure you get the result you are looking for. If you bring us in early enough, we can even make design recommendations or other suggestions to help troubleshoot issues and advise on material choices.

How do you guarantee quality?

We are an ISO 9001 company with over three decades of experience servicing a range of industries including aerospace, defense, medical and electronics, for applications such as heat transfer products, military components and electronic assemblies. Our expertise with materials such as carbide; in-house tooling, gage and fixture building service; plus, a rigorous inspection process from start to finish, guarantee the highest level of reliability and quality.

What types of metal stamping do you offer?

Wisconsin Metal Parts Inc. is capable of accommodating a wide variety of metal stamping methods for getting the job done. Here are the types of stamping we offer: prototype stampings, production metal stamping, high-speed metal stamping, precision metal stamping, progressive die stamping; high quality, complex, tight tolerance stamping; low-volume prototypes to high-volume progressive dies; taking over existing stamping projects from other companies.

Take your production needs to the next level without sacrificing quality. With CNC Machining, Fabrication, CNC Grinding, Wire EDM and secondary support presses, WMPI can be a single source for your assembly and sub-assembly projects.

Get us involved early and we will help find the best solutions to your manufacturing needs. Contact us today.

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