Industrial Safety Components

Industrial Safety Components

Our customer was struggling with another production stamping supplier regarding quality and delivery. Wisconsin Metal Parts was able to hold the current supplier’s price and bring all 100 tools in-house. Working with our customer, we prioritized the tooling, ran first article parts, performed repairs/maintenance where needed, performed PPAP and delivered production parts over the course of several months according to the customer’s timeline.

We also helped them catalog their tooling and eliminate 30 obsolete tools. When any of these obsolete parts are needed, we now efficiently run them in our laser and brake presses. Our assembly and machining capabilities allowed the customer to consolidate this work from two vendor sources to just one. We ship bi-weekly releases to help this customer minimize inventory. References are available on this project.

To learn more about this project, including tolerances and inspection processes, please contact us today or see the table below.

Project Details

Product Description
Stamping Takeover
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Production Stamping
CNC Machining
Assembly; insertion of PEMs, Cam bushings, Studs, Drive-Lok Pins, Rivets


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
100 – 200 ton presses, CNC milling machines, Haeger insertion press, welding
Material Used HSLAS, 1075, 1095, 3003 AL, CQCRS
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 2.125”
Width: .250”
Thickness: .025”
Tightest Tolerances
Size : ±.001” 1.33 Cpk
Material Used Copper
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed First Article
Gage MSA
Attribute Gages
Smart Scope Vision System
Optical Comparator
Virtek Laser
Estimated Part Weight < 1 lb.
Industry for Use Industrial Safety Components
Volume 70 dies, producing almost 100 part numbers. 250,000 total parts annually.
Delivery Location Illinois
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Material, Plating and Heat Treat certs per customer specifications
Product Name Industrial Safety Components