Big FunL

Simplify Scrap Collection

Save space and cycle time when it comes to scrap metal collection! The Big FunL is designed to be used with a 55-Gallon drum but can be used with other sizes as well. Make scrap collection simple and mobile! Place the unit anywhere in your shop for convenience and safety. Easily keep your recyclables separated and get the most money back from them!

Perfect for 55-Gallon Drum Material Collection!

Mounted on Casters for Easy Mobility!

Purchase Options

55-Gallon Barrel Funnel :


Why We Designed This:

Wisconsin Metal Parts is a contract manufacturer & assembler that serves a wide variety of industries including; military, medical, food service and heat transfer. We produce individual components, sub-assemblies or even full assemblies under your brand name. We developed this as a Lean Manufacturing solution in order to collect scrap metals more efficiently, save money, and to utilize our space better!