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Working with automotive suppliers around the world, WMPI produces parts that require multiple manufacturing processes, from tool and die making to metal fabrication and stamping. We understand the pressure faced by automotive suppliers to reduce costs yet maintain strict quality and reliability standards. Our engineering expertise, continuous process improvement and numerous manufacturing processes help us meet these low-cost initiatives while providing the highest quality tool and die products, metal parts and assemblies.

WMPI has served automotive suppliers for many years. We offer innovative prototyping and reverse engineering services, and we produce precision parts and complex assemblies for automotive components in areas such as:

  • Chassis
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Interior Trim

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Example Projects

Electrical Contact with In-Die Insertion

We built a progressive stamping die complete with in-die pin insertion to efficiently make these electrical contacts..

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Electrical Contact Insert Prototype

Pre-production prototypes were needed for this brass contact..

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Reverse Drawn Cup Prototype

Pre-production prototypes were needed to prove out process on this steel cup..

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Rolled Up Stamping Prototype

Here is a variety of pre-production prototypes that were rolled up and/or staked in the tool..

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Progressive In-Die Tapping

This progressive stamping tool has an in-die tapping unit to add a threaded hole to the flange..

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Automatic Hardware Insertion Tooling

One of our Tier 2 automotive supply customers came to us with a part they wanted to run..

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Bracket Attribute Gage

This gage was designed to check attributes and limits on left- and right-hand parts as they were coming off the die.

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CMM Trim Fixture

Wisconsin Metal parts designed this fixture to hold a molded plastic interior trim part with a ..

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