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Wisconsin Metal Parts spent a lot of time developing products that would benefit us in and out of the shop, and wanted to make them available to others as well! From home decor to hands-free condiments, we didn’t want to limit ourselves and branched out into other areas; wherever our minds took us! All of the industrial products were designed and built for our day-to-day operations

All of these products are produced with pride in Waukesha, Wisconsin! We are passionate about these items and hope they improve your life as they have ours.


Mini Hopper Full View


Small hoppers to optimize your scrap collection

S-Blade in Action


Easily remove PVC film from Stainless Steel without marks

Big FunL Top View

Big FunL

Fits over a 55-Gallon drum to make scrap separation easy



Trust CandleWrap


Send a message of love and light with a CandleWrap!