Battery and Power Generation
        Appliance and Foodservice Equipment
        Heat Transfer
        Medical Equipment
    Services & Capabilities
        Fiber Laser Cutting Services
        Custom Metal Stamping Services
        Contract Manufacturing & Assembly Services
        CNC Machining Services
        Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Services
        Sheet Metal Fabrication Services
        CNC Surface & Form Grinding Services
        Prototyping & Reverse Engineering Services
        Tool & Die
        MIG, TIG & Spot Welding
        Inspection Gages
    Example Projects
        Fiber Laser Cutting
            Copper Busbars
            Rush Fabrication Work
            Reshoring to Improve Quality
            1010 Steel Computer Chassis
        Custom Metal Stamping
            Clamp, Prototype to Production
            Mounting Bracket Sub-Assembly
            Brass Timing Wheels
            Electrical Contact with In-Die Insertion
        Stamping Takeover
            Industrial Safety Components
            Military Ordnance - Fuze
            Industrial Brush Brackets
        Contract Manufacturing & Assembly
            Mounting Bracket Sub-Assembly
            Instant Production Capacity
            Weldments that Require Machining
            Foodservice Equipment Takeover
            Heat Transfer Industry Production Cells
            Construction Industry Threaded Holder
            Printing Industry Cabinet
            Machine Equipment Thermostat
        CNC Machining
            Shell Casing Machining
            Stainless Steel Casting Marine Application
            Complex Aluminum Casting Machining
            Metal Stamping and CNC Machining
            Zinc Die Cast Motor Housing
            Aluminum Turning Rack Castings
            Steel Detent Plates
            Cast Steel Gear Housing
            Stainless Steel Dispensing Nozzles
        Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Services
            Steel Detent Plates
        Sheet Metal Fabrication
            Electronics Enclosure
            Electronic Storage Cabinet
            Aluminum Enclosure Panel
            Steel Front Loader Assembly
            Stainless Steel Clamping Fixtures
            Defense Industry Chassis Cover
        Prototyping & Reverse Engineering
            Motor Housing Prototype
            Stainless Steel Medical Cabinet Prototype
            Electrical Contact Insert Prototype
            Reverse Drawn Cup Prototype
            Rolled Up Stamping Prototype
            Aerospace Gear Pump Cover Prototype
        Tool & Die
            Arming, Timing & Fuze Delay Tooling
            Progressive In-Die Tapping
            Automatic Hardware Insertion Tooling
            Bracket Attribute Gage
            CMM Trim Fixture
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