Community Service

At Wisconsin Metal Parts, Inc. (WMPI), we greatly value being part of our community, and we support local people and organizations in unique ways. From sponsoring high school robotics teams to providing a fitness facility and volunteering to help people with multiple sclerosis, we proudly give back to the community where we’ve been fortunate to succeed.

Education and Mentoring

As today’s students become tomorrow’s employees, WMPI recognizes the importance of being involved with young people. Our employees find it especially rewarding working with students to help them develop technical, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

  • Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) - For over 20 years, Wisconsin Metal Parts has served on the advisory board of WCTC’s Tool and Die program, which includes Machine Tool Operations. Our staff speaks to student groups periodically about manufacturing, metal fabrication and other topics. Our employees also volunteer at career nights for parents and students at WCTC.
  • Manufacturing plant tours - Wisconsin Metal Parts hosts tours at its facilities for WCTC (college) and high school student groups.
  • Robotics teams - WMPI sponsors a Waukesha School System robotics team, and provides flexible hours for our employee who mentors the team. We also sponsor BotsIQ Wisconsin, a competition that encourages young adults to create and explore by building a robots to compete with other teams. Students gain opportunities to problem-solve using science, technology, engineering and math in a team environment. It also exposes them to different manufacturing careers.
  • BUILD motorcycle program - WMPI sponsors BUILD, a non-profit educational organization that pairs teams of high school students with bike-building mentors to learn important skills and teamwork as they restore vintage motorcycles.

Multiple Sclerosis Outreach

WMPI’s president, Dan Erschen, was diagnosed with MS at the age of 39. While overcoming his own struggles with the disease, he has led and inspired others to help those with MS. Dan, along with WMPI employees and their families, have actively made a difference in the lives of many people with MS.

  • WMPI has organized and led the Peppy Pedalers bike team for the MS Bike Tour since 2004. In 2015, the team had 92 participants and raised $86,752.
  • Every Wednesday and Friday at our facility since 2013, WMPI has hosted people with MS to exercise and learn how to manage and live with MS.

Person of the Year award

Dan Erschen, WMPI’s president was the recipient of the 2015 Person of the Year award. Dan was recognized for giving back to the community by the Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce at the annual community awards gala on February 19, 2016.


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