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CNC Mills: Continuing Education

There are a variety of CNC machining styles out there, and the technology is ever-expanding. CNC stands for computer numerical control....Read More

Recycling in Manufacturing: Saving Internally and Externally

This earth day, we want to talk about recycling scrap metal! Metal recycling is beneficial to the environment in many ways. First, recycling metal requires significantly less energy...Read More

Stamping Die Repair and Maintenance Basics

If you are running metal stamping dies, at some point you are going to need to maintain that tool to keep it running properly. There are some tell-tale signs that a stamping tool may ...Read More

2022 Year in Review

Wisconsin Metal Parts adopted the segment of Bluemound Road outside of our building and spent a handful of weekends this spring and summer cleaning it up. ...Read More

What is a Progressive Die?

Progressive stamping is a manufacturing process typically used for high volumes of parts. Parts are made by feeding material into a progressive stamping die that is loaded in to a stamping press. ...Read More

Manufacturing Awareness with Unicor

Many people in metal manufacturing can agree that the field needs more exposure to attract new talent. But what about introducing it in prisons? We spoke with James Kahler from Unicor to learn more about their efforts...Read More

Reshoring America’s Metal Manufacturing

For years, U.S. companies have outsourced work to other countries, especially in the manufacturing industry. For manufacturing, the appeal lies in lower upfront costs for tooling, and projects that include a lot of manual labor....Read More

CNC Fixturing Guide

CNC can be a great method for both prototyping and production! Machining fixtures hold parts and can allow you to machine a larger number of parts in a very cost-efficient way!...Read More

We Screwed Up: CNC Fixture Movement

We received material that was towards the small end of the raw material tolerance. Our CNC clamping fixture was not able to properly clamp this smaller material and allowed the parts to shift during machining causing a misalignment between drilled holes and milled slots. How did we respond?.... Read More

2021 Year in Review - Wisconsin Metal Parts

Wisconsin Metal Parts started the new year with a new logo! After a long time with the same look, we decided to rebrand. We are proud of our new logo and the values it represents.... Read More

Welcoming and Solving Challenges for Lean Manufacturing

LEAN Manufacturing Products Inc. is a partner of ours that supplies sheet metal storage solutions and more......Read More

Fabrication vs Stamping: What is the best way to make your part?

This free E-book discusses the decision of fabricating or stamping your metal part and helps you make the best decision for your situation......Read More

We Screwed Up : PEM Nuts

We screwed up and we want to talk about it! Nonconforming parts were shipped to one of our customers. The operator missed....Read More

High Volume Stampings

Higher volume production metal stamping can often pose unique challenges. For the sake of this discussion we will define high volume metal stamping as volumes....Read More

Low Volume Metal Stampings

What do you do when your parts volumes are not high enough to justify production tooling? These are several options available for lower volume metal stampings....Read More

Re-Sourcing Metal Stampings

Unfortunately, there are times when you have to move on from a current supplier. Maybe your volumes got too high for them to handle, too low for them to be profitable....Read More

2020 Year in Review

Our Wisconsin Metal Parts family quickly responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and helped Mask Up MKE! We are proud to have partnered with Mike Kryshak from Rebel Converting....Read More

Straddle Stackers: Sorting Scrap Effectively in Tight Spaces

Many people think that a forklift is the only option for moving things around on the shop floor, but there is a more space-efficient solution to material....Read More

Deciding on Functional Gaging

Functional Gages can often seem like an unnecessary additional cost with all of the available measuring solutions, but there are many reasons....Read More

Experience Our Stamping Department!

Metal stamping is a cost-effective solution for high-quantity metal manufacturing. The process involves a custom stamping die, developed for the specific part that....Read More

Experience Our CNC Department!

CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Control Machining) is a highly automated process where pre-programmed computer software controls the movement of tools ....Read More

PPAP: What is it and why do I need one?

A Production Part Approval Process is a standardized process that helps manufacturers and suppliers communicate and approve production designs and processes ....Read More

Experience Our Wire EDM Department!

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining is a manufacturing process where a very thin wire (.003-.012”) uses an electrical charge to cut through materials that conduct electricity....Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Wisconsin Metal Parts, Inc. for Your Next Metal Stamping Job

Since 1988, our company has acquired an exemplary reputation for metal work and craftsmanship which delivers the finished product quickly, efficiently and without sacrificing quality. Here are ...Read More

How to Create Quality Progressive Die Designs

Our latest discussion in our series about progressive dies explores the design process. We reconnected with Dave Holzer, Journeyman Tool and Die Maker and the Sales and Marketing Manager ...Read More

What is a Progressive Stamping Die? Here's What You Need to Know

We continued our recent conversation about progressive stamping dies with Dave Holzer, a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker and the Sales and Marketing Manager at Wisconsin Metal Parts. The company ...Read More

What Makes up a Progressive Die?

We continued our recent conversation about progressive stamping dies with Dave Holzer, a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker and the Sales and Marketing Manager at Wisconsin Metal Parts. The company ...Read More

The Hidden Costs of Dies Built Overseas

You may have heard that having metal stamping dies built overseas saves money. A common perception we hear is that you can “save 30 percent” by having dies built overseas. But does this really ...Read More

Save Money, Build Trust and Shorten Lead Times – Improve Manufacturing and Logistics Efficiency (Part 3 of a Series)

In our other blogs, we suggested ways for manufacturers to streamline the estimating process and improve parts design and engineering. Next, we have some ideas for eliminating inefficiencies ...Read More

Save Money, Build Trust and Shorten Lead Times – (Part 2 of a Series)

In our previous blog, we discussed how manufacturers can save money in the estimating process by qualifying parts suppliers upfront, using relatively few but qualified vendors, and working ...Read More

Save Money, Build Trust and Shorten Lead Times – (Part 1 of a Series)

In the past few years, as manufacturing jobs have declined, demand for manufactured goods has remained high. This has left many manufacturers understaffed and overwhelmed, yet they have ... Read More