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The Hidden Costs of Dies Built Overseas

You may have heard that having metal stamping dies built overseas saves money. A common perception we hear is that you can “save 30 percent” by having dies built overseas. But does this really save money? We find, for the vast majority of customers who have tried it, no – it’s not a money-saving process...Read More

Save Money, Build Trust and Shorten Lead Times – Improve Manufacturing and Logistics Efficiency (Part 3 of a Series)

In our other blogs, we suggested ways for manufacturers to streamline the estimating process and improve parts design and engineering. Next, we have some ideas for eliminating inefficiencies in your manufacturing and logistics operations. Update your inspection points Many manufacturers could save thousands of dollars and increase product quality by improving inspection procedures. All too… Read More

Save Money, Build Trust and Shorten Lead Times – (Part 2 of a Series)

In our previous blog, we discussed how manufacturers can save money in the estimating process by qualifying parts suppliers upfront, using relatively few but qualified vendors, and working closely with them to streamline bidding costs. Now let’s look at money-saving opportunities in parts design and engineering, and how to get more from your vendor relationships Read More

Save Money, Build Trust and Shorten Lead Times – (Part 1 of a Series)

In the past few years, as manufacturing jobs have declined, demand for manufactured goods has remained high. This has left many manufacturers understaffed and overwhelmed, yet they have ever-growing pressure to spend wisely. We’ve discovered opportunities where you can save money and time, while building trust with your suppliers. If you’re looking to save money,... Read More