Easily Remove PVC Film from Stainless Steel with No Marks!

Frustrated with always marking up your stainless steel while trying to remove the PVC film? Meet your new companion-- the S-Blade! This tool is meant to cut through PVC film to allow secondary operations, and does not scratch on stainless steel! It is easy to use and fits into any common utility knife!

Mark-Free Removal!

See the S-Blade in Action!

Fits in a Standard Utility Knife!

Purchase Options

Pack of Three : $11.99

Pack of Ten : $34.99

Pack of Fifty : $149.99

Why We Designed This:

Wisconsin Metal Parts is a contract manufacturer & assembler that serves a wide variety of industries including; military, medical, food service and heat transfer. We produce individual components, sub-assemblies or even full assemblies under your brand name. While working on assemblies in the foodservice industry, we found ourselves removing a lot of PVC Film from the appliances we were building! Having a purpose-built tool for removing plastic from stainless steel closed a gap in our processes, as we hope it will for you!