Precision with an AGIE VP3

These parts required us to design and build a progressive stamping die to cut/form stainless steel blanks that eventually get various nozzle slots cut in our AGIE Wire EDM machines. The parts are fixtured for accuracy, and will create 1 of 15 different nozzle configurations by part number. Our customer was previously purchasing these parts from another vendor who owned the tooling and was raising pricing and lead times to the point where our customer was no longer competitive in their market. We were able to design & build a stamping die that is interchangeable, allowing us to make multiple part numbers and provide consistent quality. We also worked out an agreement to amortize the tooling costs over a period of time & quantity of parts. Our customer is once again competitive in their market, now own the tooling and are able to place blanket orders so they are getting quality parts delivered within days of their releases being issued.

To learn more about this project, including tolerances and inspection processes, please contact us today or see the table below.

Project Details

Product Description 10 weeks for tooling and production blanket orders with releases
Capabilities Applied/Processes Metal Stamping,Wire EDM
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 100-ton Minster Press,AGIE VP3
Overall Part Dimensions 1.500 diameter x .300 tall
Tightest Tolerances .005"
Material Used Stainless Steel
Max Material Finish 63 Ra"
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed CMM check and pin gaging
Estimated Part Weight Need
Industry for Use Cleaning Industry
Volume ~35,000 annually
Delivery Location Midwest, USA
Standards Met Customer specific standards