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How can we serve you?

Wisconsin Metal Parts is a contract manufacturer & assembler that serves a wide variety of industries including; military, medical, food service and heat transfer. We produce individual components, sub-assemblies or even full assemblies under your brand name. We offer assembly services that include our manufactured components, purchased components, electronic and mechanical assembly. Our typical customer may place blanket orders with a stocking or Kanban agreement that assures we will have parts ready when they are needed.

We use multiple forms of manufacturing to make things simple for you by offering in-house Metal Stamping, CNC Machining, Fabrication, Welding and Assembly services. We also offer electronic testing, pressure testing, leak testing, deburring and part washing.

Our full-service tool room can design and build gages & fixtures to assure we are meeting your quality requirements. We are familiar with the UL process and have been listed as a satellite manufacturer for multiple companies. We also have the ability to setup manufacturing and assembly cells to provide the most efficient production environment. Prototype through production, we are here to serve you at every stage of your product. Wisconsin Metal Parts is ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR certified. Cyber security is approved to NIST SP800-171 so your export restricted (ITAR) files are always secure.

Serving A Wide Range of Industries

WMP is an experienced supplier of custom metal parts for a variety of industries including aerospace, agriculture, medical and food and beverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship units directly to our customers?

We can assemble, package and ship directly to your warehouse or your customer as needed. We would need to work together to get processes setup initially, but then we will meet your projected delivery schedules.

We do not require a deposit but we do require your Purchase order before we can begin.

We have the ability to produce machined, stamped or fabricated parts and can also handle welding & hardware insertion. Depending on the project, our team will often set up an assembly cell that can handle mechanical and electrical assembly. We also can order and inventory purchased items so we have all of the needed supplies available to meet your release dates.

Lead times vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Some projects can be kicked off within a few weeks and others may take several months. If we are able to see your volume projections or get blanket orders in place, the lead time becomes irrelevant as we will always have parts ready to ship on your scheduled releases.

We have multiple options available for making parts from 1 to 1,000,000. We have teams best suited for the lower volumes and we have other teams ready to handle production volumes.

We have strong relationships with our vendors and take care of them as much as they take care of us. Our location gives us a very strong local manufacturing support network so we are able to have multiple options available for our supply base.

You can supply purchased components, we can purchase from our preferred vendors or we can purchase from your preferred vendors. Often times our customers are able to extend their component contract pricing to us. This saves money and gives everyone cost transparency.

Yes, we have successfully been added to several customer UL Certifications as a satellite manufacturer.

Our Quality Department supports manufacturing and ensures that traceability can be maintained during all phases of production. We offer First Article, PPAP, in-process inspection and data collection. Typically quality requirements are set by a customers individual needs.

We offer the same quality processes as stated for Contract Manufacturing. For assemblies, we also offer a variety of functional testing processes as defined by your specific needs.

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