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Tool & Die Making

Stamping & Forming Dies

How can we serve you?

Wisconsin Metal Parts has a full-service, in-house tool room that designs and builds:

  • Progressive Dies
  • Single-hit Dies
  • Forming Dies
  • Draw Dies
  • In-Die Insertion & Tapping
  • Fine Blank Dies
  • Compound Dies
  • Transfer Dies

Our knowledgeable staff is available to guide you from concept through production, assisting with material selection and identifying potential problem areas to help you best design your metal part or assembly for manufacturability. Assistance is available for die sensor selection to protect your tools. Our WEDM team employs experts in tool steels and carbide so cutting and forming inserts will last and minimize downtime for maintenance. The WMP tool room is capable of working to tolerances of .0001” using fine grinding and proven WEDM techniques.

3-D tooling designs are created in Solidworks using additional software to help simulate bending, forming and drawing formulas. We build dies up to 96” long and 200-tons with full feed lines on try-out presses (30-200 tons) so your tooling is debugged and running at production speed before being shipped. First article parts are inspected and documented in our Quality Lab using gages, CMM, vision systems, laser scanning and other measuring instruments.

Weekly tooling progress updates are shared and we keep lead times down by staffing multiple shifts in our tool room. Final designs will be shared for future reference upon tooling completion and acceptance. We are also available to support all future maintenance and repairs as needed. Wisconsin Metal Parts is ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR certified. Cyber security is approved to NIST SP800-171 so your export restricted (ITAR) files are always secure.

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