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Stamping Die Repair and Maintenance Basics

February 10th, 2023
Toolroom workers inspecting progressive stamping dies

If you are running metal stamping dies, at some point you are going to need to maintain that tool to keep it running properly.

There are some tell-tale signs that a stamping tool may be in need of maintenance. These can include burrs on your parts, tolerances going out of spec, increased tonnage or hearing noises from your tool. The fix might be as simple as sharpening or could need a more in-depth trouble shooting to see why the tool is not operating as intended.

Sometimes the problem may only occur when the die is running, in that case, seeing the tool run in person or video footage of the die in action will be incredibly beneficial to diagnosing the issue. It could be how the tool is set up in the press, the press itself being worn, or prematurely wearing items due to the tool steel types used in the die.

There are several key pieces of information that would greatly help a tool maker trouble shoot your tooling. Most tool makers would appreciate the tooling design if it is available. At a minimum, part print and inspection report are great places to start. Another helpful piece of information is saving the last part from your production run along with the end strip. This will help the toolmaker investigate and zero in on the problem areas. Each tool has clues as to what may be happening. A good tool & die maker can help decipher those clues and tell that tool’s story.

Going forward, keeping a preventative maintenance schedule with your tooling can help reduce and catch these problems before they become large, expensive fixes. This information can also help predict when future PM might be needed so you can plan ahead and help reduce the downtime of your progressive metal stamping dies. This might include identifying higher wear items so you can have spare components ready to install into the tool as needed.

At Wisconsin Metal Parts we have a full service toolroom ready to build and maintain your new and used progressive stamping dies. If you have a specific project you would like to review, contact us online or call us at 262-524-9100 and we will help explore your tooling and die maintenance options.

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