Rush Fabrication Work

Rush Fabrication Work

A WMPI production customer needed a lot of next-day/same-day spot purchase support to complete several large product kickoffs on their jobsite. Purchase requests would often arrive in the afternoon with next-morning delivery needed. With our second shift capabilities, WMPI could complete the rush orders.

The customer’s steel parts, used for support rails in product transfer applications, required a combination of laser cutting, forming, welding and painting to complete them. WMPI successfully supported this customer during 3 to 4 weeks of rush needs, while still fulfilling our normal production and stocking relationship with them and other customers. According to this customer, WMPI found solutions to process their product and components in days, while some of their other vendors took years to streamline the same process.

To learn more about this project, including tolerances and inspection processes, please contact us today or see the table below.

Project Details

Product Description Support Rails
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Fiber Laser cutting
Bending & Welding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Fiber Laser, 14’ Brake press, Welding, Assembly
Overall Part Dimensions Variety of parts, max of 12’ long.
Tightest Tolerances ±.005"
Material Used HRPO Steel
Max Material Finish  
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Virtek scanning, CMM
Estimated Part Weight 30 lbs.
Industry for Use Industrial Product Transfer Industry
Volume 500+ per year
Delivery Location Wisconsin & Illinois
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing,
MIL specifications
ASME Y14.5M-1994
Product Name Support Rails