Metal Stamping and CNC Machining

Metal Stamping and CNC Machining

WMPI was presented with a stamped part that needed secondary machining on an O-ring groove track. This project began with months of prototyping until our customer was able to finalize the design. We then built stamping tools and milling fixtures in our tool room. The parts required some tight tolerances and surface finishes. We completed a Level 3 PPAP and have been running production, approaching a 500,000 pieces-per-year mark.

This project prompted WMPI to add new high-speed milling equipment to keep up with pricing and volume demands. Our ability to stamp and machine in-house gives us the control needed to produce these challenging parts at a very competitive rate. This project also involves washing parts after machining, drying them and packaging for shipping worldwide.

To learn more about this project, including tolerances and inspection processes, please contact us today or see the table below.

Project Details

Product Description Aluminum Heat Plate
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: Stamping
Secondary: CNC Milling
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
200-Ton Press
Vertical CNC
Heated Washing Equipment
Overall Part Dimensions .25 x 4.0 x 6.0”
Tightest Tolerances .0015”
Material Used Aluminum
Max Material Finish 125
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Estimated Part Weight .25lb
Industry for Use Off-Highway
Volume 500,000
Delivery Location WorldWide