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Zinc Die Cast Motor Housing

Zinc Die Cast Motor Housings

Weighing less than 1 lb., this zinc motor housing casting was designed to be used in an electric motor assembly and sent to us for finish machining. Our experienced staff worked with the client to create a custom fixture to fit multiple parts on our vertical CNC milling machine, which is equipped with an indexer, so that the parts could run in a single setup without stopping for changeovers. By utilizing CNC milling processes of drilling, tapping, and precision boring, we finished the 3.50″ x 3.50″ x 1.50″ part and applied a 63Ra finish. Our manufacturing tolerances were maintained to .005″ for flatness and .0005″ on bores. CMM inspection of each part ensured that the job was completed to our highest standards.

Details And Specifications
Product Description
This machined motor housing is used within a motor transmission application
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Production Fixtures
Custom Fixture to Fit Multiple Parts on an Indexer for for single setup machining
CNC Milling
Precision Boring
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Vertical CNC, equipped with an Indexer
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 3.50"
Width: 3.50"
Height: 1.50"
Tightest Tolerances
Flatness .005"
True Position of .004"
Total Runout of .003"
Concentricity of .002"
.0005" Size Tolerance on bores
Material Used
Max Material Finish
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
CMM Inspection
Various Gages
First Article, PPAP level 3
Certificate of Conformance (COC)
Estimated Part Weight
<1 lb.
Industry for Use
Electric Motor assembly
35,000 Pieces
Delivery Location
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
Zinc Motor Housing Casting
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