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Past Projects

Solving Capacity Issues

Flexible Production in the Medical Industry

A medical industry manufacturer came to us seeking out component parts for their disinfectant units, as they were struggling to keep stock due to increased volumes. They needed component parts that required many different processes. We were able to supply them with fabricated sheet metal parts that involved laser cutting, welding and various machined components. Once we sat down and reviewed their drawings we were able to find the most cost-effective way to manufacture their parts. Wisconsin Metal Parts is able to provide on-time delivery and high-quality parts for them to assemble in-house. We were also recently able to ramp up our production to fill increased demands for medical disinfectant technology.

Details And Specifications
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Fabrication & CNC Machining
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Fiber Laser, CNC Brake, CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, Hardware Insertion, CNC Punch
Overall Part Dimensions
Varied component sizes, max sheet parts of 4’ square
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
304 & 316 SS, Aluminum
Max Material Finish
Standard 2B mill material with laser film
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
FAIR & In-process inspection of individual components
Estimated Part Weight
Under 25#
Industry for Use
Medical, Infectious Disease Control
50-100 piece lots, across 25-30 part numbers
Delivery Location
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