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Past Projects

High Volume Progressive Die for Container Industry

Close-up on an end strip of a multi-out progressive die

Our customer was faced with increased demand and a desire to lower their production costs. They decided to add a punch press in their facility to run these parts in-house. Wisconsin Metal Parts helped with some consultation in selecting the proper metal stamping equipment and also worked with them to understand their overall goals with this project.

Our full-service tool room designed and built a pair of 4-out progressive metal stamping tools. These high-volume dies are designed to run 30,000,000 parts per year. This is an 18-station, 4-out progressive tool that will run at 150 strokes per minute in our 100-ton Minster press. Each time the die closes, it will be kicking out 4 finished parts. That’s 600 parts every minute, or 36,000 parts an hour.

These class-A dies are equipped with replaceable cutting and forming inserts that will allow for regular maintenance and many years of service. We’re running carbide inserts that should get us around 3-5 times more run time over tool steels before maintenance is needed. There are stripper plate sensors to detect slug pulling, a misfeed detector at the end of the tool, and eight sensors that take an actual measurement reading on two features within the part. If these features do not meet the program tolerances, the press will come to a stop. This helps keep nonconforming parts from slipping through into finished product.

We have also set them up with replacement wear items and will be available to help with tooling maintenance & repairs. The goal being to keep them up and running for years to come.

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Details And Specifications
Product Description
High Volume Progressive Die for Container Industry
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Tooling design & build. Progressive metal stamping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
4-out progressive metal stamping die
Overall Part Dimensions
Die size: 15.5 x 21.0 x 54.0”
Part size: .38 x 1.25 x 2.00”
Industry for Use
Container, storage industry
30,000,000 parts/yr
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