Metal Stamping

High Volume Stampings

Higher volume production metal stamping can often pose unique challenges. For the sake of this discussion we will define high volume metal stamping as volumes....Read More

Low Volume Metal Stampings

What do you do when your parts volumes are not high enough to justify production tooling? These are several options available for lower volume metal stampings....Read More

Re-Sourcing Metal Stampings

Unfortunately, there are times when you have to move on from a current supplier. Maybe your volumes got too high for them to handle, too low for them to be profitable....Read More

Experience Our Stamping Department!

Metal stamping is a cost-effective solution for high-quantity metal manufacturing. The process involves a custom stamping die, developed for the specific part that....Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Wisconsin Metal Parts, Inc. for Your Next Metal Stamping Job

Since 1988, our company has acquired an exemplary reputation for metal work and craftsmanship which delivers the finished product quickly, efficiently and without sacrificing quality. Here are ...Read More