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Wisconsin Metal Parts Launches 3 New Products!

September 2nd, 2020
S-Blade, Mini Hopper and Big FunL products

Over the last few months, Wisconsin Metal Parts Inc has been working on a handful of new products to share with other manufacturers. The S-Blade, Mini-Hopper and BIG FunL began as process improvements that were just too good to keep to ourselves! These products are designed to help manufacturers reduce risk, cycle time and save them money.

The S-Blade was developed first as a way to make the removal of PVC film off of stainless steel easier and faster! We noticed how much time we spent removing protective film off of foodservice equipment we manufacture and found our solution in these blades! Having this purpose-built tool closed a major gap in our processes. Made out of a proprietary material, the S-Blade fits into a standard utility knife holder and does not mark up the stainless steel underneath its protective laser film, plastic coating, or other layers of cover. See the blade in action HERE.

The Mini-Hopper and BIG FunL were designed to work together as a scrap metal collection system, or separately, depending on the user’s need. The mini-hopper was designed to replace garbage bins in smaller spaces, reducing the risk of unloading scrap metal to almost nothing. The BIG FunL is designed to aid in scrap separation and recycling. We use it to sort out scrap metal from various machines, as well as placing it under our stamping presses for simple and clean collection. This system allows us to sort out metals more effectively to get the most money back for their scrap! See the units in action HERE.

Wisconsin Metal Parts has worked hard to build and share these products with people who they can benefit the most! If you are interested in any of the products you can learn more under our ‘Products’ tab on the website.

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