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Save Money, Build Trust and Shorten Lead Times – Improve Manufacturing and Logistics Efficiency (Part 3)

February 3rd, 2015

In our other blogs, we suggested ways for manufacturers to streamline the estimating process and improve parts design and engineering. Next, we have some ideas for eliminating inefficiencies in your manufacturing and logistics operations.

Update your inspection points

Many manufacturers could save thousands of dollars and increase product quality by improving inspection procedures. All too often, we’ve seen inspections that are inadequate, too slow, not accurate enough or occurring too far into the manufacturing cycle. Any of these issues can result in excessive time and money spent on set-ups and changeovers. Here are two recommendations:

  1. Operators should perform inspections immediately when parts are produced, and without delaying the overall manufacturing process. This may sound basic, but it can be a huge money-saver that many companies do not take advantage of.
  2. There’s great technology available to help complete tasks faster and more accurately – use it! For example, use inspection gages on-the-spot, where parts are produced. It’s a simple but effective way to ensure quality and save time.

Take another look at logistics

Tens of thousands of dollars are tied up by manufacturers carrying more inventory than needed. While it’s important to have parts available when needed, suppliers should adopt “just in time” practices and get set up to supply parts in this market – even when that means running low-volume, high-mix part runs.

Also think about the parts that you currently purchase outside your company. If possible, produce some of them in-house in a cell concept. We see thousands of dollars wasted and lead times burned when companies aren’t responsive enough, but these steps can help you boost efficiency and compete more effectively.

Wisconsin Metal Parts is happy to provide our customers with savings suggestions and ideas for continuous improvement. We can help you invest your money wisely and get the most out of our design, engineering and production expertise. To learn more about custom inspection gages or any of our machining, fabricating, stamping and other services, contact us.

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