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Pewaukee Insight Program

July 22nd, 2022

Over the past year, Wisconsin Metal Parts has been working with the students from Pewaukee High School in the Pewaukee Insight program! This program is an education capstone designed to give students hands-on, real-world experiences in a professional setting. Wisconsin Metal Parts assisted in mentoring the students interested in business and marketing as a future career. We shared our Footz units with the students, offered feedback on their projects and did a branding workshop with the students. Our team gained a lot of insight on our end as well to see how others think and feel about the product and brand.

Collaborating with the students was an enlightening and fun experience! We learned just as much as the students did. After the branding workshop, students Addyson and Shraya both mentioned that they were surprised how important fonts, color and consistency are when it comes to developing a product. Jackson noted too about how far passion is able to take a project when all the information is clearly outlined. It is no easy feat to develop, produce and market a new product, and everyone enjoyed seeing how those steps play out in real time.

Footz is a hands-free dispensing product we are developing and shared with the students. Footz came about during the Covid-19 pandemic, where many people began to seek hands-free or touch-free solutions to everyday needs. We saw the need for high-quality systems to replace the old ones, and designed our units with value, efficiency and durability in mind.

This was a great experience for everyone involved and we are incredibly grateful to the Pewaukee Insight program for approaching us and allowing us to share this opportunity with the students.

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