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About Us

Wisconsin Metal Parts offers one shop for all your production metal parts. We produce quality CNC machined parts, sheet metal fabricating, metal stamping prototypes and production, fiber laser cutting, tool and die making and related services.

Wisconsin Metal Parts excels in producing parts that require multiple forms of production, such as stampings that need secondary grinding, machining or assembly. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Highly skilled people are at the heart of Wisconsin Metal Parts’ success, and they make our company unique in the industry. From our tool room staff to wire EDM operators, our employees are cross-trained to support different areas based on workload so we can maintain workflow. You can count on our talented people to produce some of the highest quality metal parts in the world.


Wisconsin Metal Parts was founded in 1988 as Die Concepts, Inc. In our first 22 years, we had the opportunity to listen to our customers, provide solutions and grow our business. In 2010 we changed our name to Wisconsin Metal Parts, Inc. to reflect our diverse services. Our ownership, management team, and highly skilled people have remained through the years.

Our Mission

Wisconsin Metal Parts provides high-quality manufacturing solutions for producing metal parts. Customers rely on us to minimize risk and provide high-value solutions. Through open communication, trust and performance, we create a win/win experience for all involved.

To succeed, you need a manufacturing partner who does more than produce machined components, sheet metal fabricating, metal stamping, tool and die making or custom inspection gages. You need a strong, growing company who lives by the "Golden Rule," treating customers, employees and suppliers with respect and dignity.

Wisconsin Metal Parts' Core Values:

  • Honesty – We expect honesty at all times.
  • Trust – We maintain a high-trust environment, with only trustworthy people on our team.
  • Excellent communication – Proactive, clear communication is expected with our teams and our customers.
  • Integrity – We live by the Golden Rule.
  • Company reinvestment – State-of-the-art equipment and diligent preventative maintenance.
  • Skilled workforce – Ongoing training and apprentice program to develop the next generation of skilled workers.
  • Strong work ethic – Essential for success.
  • Healthy workforce – Wellness programs and education help keep our team healthy and working for you.
  • Respect – You deserve and will be treated with respect when you work with us.
  • Fun – We want all our people to have fun and enjoy their job, and we do! (Most days)

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